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Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation

Have you ever heard about “fellow program” which leads university students and inoculates entrepreneurship for them? Turkey has foundation the name of which is “Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation” by Sina AFRA in April 2014.

Sina Afra is the Chairman of Entrepreneurship Foundation and the Co-founder of Markafoni, Turkey’s and MENA’s biggest Online Fashion Company. He has been helping young entrepreneurs since 2007 as an “Angel Investor”. Besides Turkey, he has invested in Germany, United States, Holland, England and Switzerland as well.

This fascinating foundation can be regarded as the first that kind of foundation in the world works with youth to create and advance the entrepreneurship culture in Turkey. Therefore, they wanted to start from universities to develop the entrepreneurship culture. By the way, “Universities” are the best option to start. Because university students are open to learn new things, to take risks and to be inspired by others of the same age.

The Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation enables, “fellow40” to find inspirational role models, which are quite more significant for the leading aspects of entrepreneurship, like risk taking.

Entrepreneurship Foundation is a leading institution not only for Turkey, but also for the world, by making young people a part of a social network, providing them the opportunity to meet their inspirational role models and learning from those role models’ experiences.

The Entrepreneurship Foundation aims to create the perspective of “give back” on young people. If the entrepreneur shares the success that he gained through the support of others with the community, then that success can be augmented. Within the scope of the Fellow Program, the “giveback” element is supported through role models and projects.

Entrepreneurship Foundation applies an innovative and a scientific method in the process of selecting participants. The process, consisting of 5 steps, aims to determine the leadership potential within the youth.

girvak selection process

Fellow40 is the choosen applicants who were selected out of 6400 people and deserved to be within 40. There are 20 women and 20 men who are from 6 different cities (Ankara, Antalya, Eskişehir, Isparta, Istanbul, Izmir) and 22 different universities as fellows. I am one of the fellow40. Our first meeting was held in İstanbul on 17th-18th of October and we both got so many surprises by “Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation”, and met successful entrepreneurs. It was an excellent 2 day for each of us. As an end, we believe that we are going to change so many things, especially about entrepreneurship. My next post will be about our fist fellow meeting.

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  • Congratulations, it sounds a great programme to be on. Thank goodness we have people who want to put back into their society. I wish you every success and if you are interested I have regular articles on my website which may help.

    As a long term house owner in North Cyprus, I have the greatest respect for the entrepreneurship of the Turkish people and their amazing customer service.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Rosie Barfoot. It is really good to hear that. We hope that the programme will be better day by day. I also have examined your web site it’s teachable. Thanks for your sharing.
      Best Regards.
      Zafer Cigdem

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